Peru and Argentina Team Together for Concert

Peru and Argentina Team Together for Concert
Tuesday April 15, 2014
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Peru and Argentina are countries rich in music and dances. On April 26th these two countries will combine their traditional music to create a beautiful presentation.

An artist from Peru and another from Argentina are teaming together to create a spectacular performance in the series called Cantos de Latinoamerica 2014. It features Renzo Gil, originally from Callao, whose songs are heavily influenced by the folk music from coastal regions of Peru. He recently came out with his album, “Joyas del Peru Criollo”. Lucrecia Longarini from Argentina will also be performing; she is a vocalist for tango music. Nevertheless, the concert will include many types of music, including: marinera, samba, tango, chacarera, chámame, and milonga.

The performance will take place at 9:30 p.m. in the Centro Social Cultural Musical Breña in Lima, Peru. This is an opportunity to experience the culture of two great Latin American countries.

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