Peru, the adventurous honeymoon destination

Peru, the adventurous honeymoon destination
Tuesday August 04, 2015
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The New York Times promoted Peru as an adventurous honeymoon destination in an article published in their Travel Diary Section. In the article Julie Baumgardner recaps the 10 day honeymoon spent in Peru by a couple from the US after getting married in May.

According to the article the newlyweds tried alpaca meat, visited markets, hiked to Machu Picchu and floated on Lake Titicaca along with many other must do activities in Perú. They commented that they were looking for a contrast from their fast-paced lifestyles in the United States.

Honeymooners in Peru have a fantastic range of upmarket hotels and restaurants to choose from, and they can treat themselves to the famous Peruvian cuisine. Not only this they can have an adventure holiday and get out into nature. With the best of both worlds they can take a much needed break, and time to themselves to unwind and celebrate their new era of life.

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