People Rally in Lima to Protest Violence against Women

People Rally in Lima to Protest Violence against Women
Tuesday August 16, 2016
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On Saturday, August 13th, people rallied in Lima to raise awareness for women across Peru. The march, called ´´Not One Less,´´ was scheduled for 3 pm, drawing more than 50,000 people in the protest for violence against women.

More than 2,500 police officers were present at the event to provide protection and security if needed. The Special Services Division, Emergency Division, Basic Police Services Division, Green Squad, and Terna Group were all present to provide their services.

Participants in the event were urged to leave valuables at home and to keep children safe by using identification bracelets.

The biggest rally point gathered at Campo de Marte Park. From there, the demonstration continued to the Jorge Chavez roundabout and went through various streets, ending in front of the Justice Palace.
´´Not One Less´´ was meant to raise awareness of women´s rights, particularly to draw attention for the need to end the violence against women in Peru.

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