Paracas: Biggest cruise in history

Wednesday March 20, 2019
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The Peruvian peninsula of Paracas, welcomed ¨The Royal Princess¨ last Monday at San Martin Port. This cruise ship is the biggest in the metropolis’ history. This cruise ship can carry 3,900 passengers and is 330 m in length.

The arrival of the Royal Princess will have a big impact on the local tourism industry, according to the Terminal Portuario Paracas (Paracas Port Terminal – TPP).

This company is responsible for the port area and the modernising of it.

Paracas will be the new destination of ten world-class luxury cruises from December – March (the summer months in Peru). Since 2016, the number of arrivals of cruise ships have doubled, which is positive for the local people and tourism. Furthermore, TPP will be promoting cruise arrivals in Paracas more and will boost the tourism business in the area. At least 850,000 tourists are expected to visit Paracas in 2019.

Paracas Natural Reserve is situated in Pisco province. For Lima residents, it is the most popular destinations. There are good reasons to choose this destination.

In Paracas, you find unique flora and animal species and as well as amazing landscapes belonging to Peru’s coastal-marine ecosystem. The reserve is situated over an area of 335,000 ha. The main goal of the reserve is to protect the amazing nation’s biodiversity, preservation of species and creating economic benefits for thousands of inhabitants.

The area offers a lot of opportunities for nature tourism because of its biological diversity in coastal and marine environments, besides it has his own privileged zone on the Peruvian coast. Paracas is the home of 216 species of birds, 10 of reptiles, 168 of fish, 36 of mammals and some other animals which are essential for the food chain in the area.

Many people combine a stay in Paracas, with a boat trip to the famous Ballestas Islands.

A couple of hours further south, you can visit Ica, the famous oasis of Huacachina and have fun sandboarding in Ica.

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