Paddington Bear is the First Movie in 2015 to Sell 1 Million Copies

Paddington Bear is the First Movie in 2015 to Sell 1 Million Copies
Monday August 31, 2015
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Paddington Bear first captured children´s imaginations in 1958 with his funny hat, old suitcase and love of marmalade. And According to the success of his latest film he continues to do so.

The polite Peruvian bear and his latest adventure have been so popular that it was the first DVD of 2015 to sell 1 million copies. It was released in the cinemas in November 2014 taking an impressive £37,878,025 at the UK Box Office, currently the film has taken in $263 million worldwide and Japan is yet to release in 2016.

Paddington is now at the top of the DVD/Blue Ray chart beating both The Hobbit and The Hunger Games – Mockingjay.

The writer/director (Paul King) has been blown away by the film’s success saying:

Paddington came to London hoping to find a warm welcome and a loving home. It’s beyond all our wildest dreams that his story has found its way into a million homes around the country”.

He went on to say that the film was a joy to make and he is thrilled that it has had such a good response.
Danny Perkins, the CEO of STUDIOCANAL UK who produced and distributed the film, has added:

“We have had the most wonderful experience with Paddington and have tried our best to look after this very special bear and fantastic film. To see Paddington embraced by UK cinema audiences and now welcomed into more than a million homes is truly awe inspiring.”.

And it doesn’t end there, sales are expected to continue to grow over the Christmas period. There will also beb a limited edition release available later this year.

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