Origin of the name of Lima according to BBC

Origin of the name of Lima according to BBC
Tuesday February 27, 2018
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Origin of the name of Lima according to BBC

The British BBC published a report that deals with the origin of names of Latin American capitals.

The majority of capitals in Latin America even existed before they declared their independence, cities full of stories and events that happened over the years.

Due to the Spanish conquest, capitals were named after saints of the Catholic Church. Other names were derived from the original villages. But the origin is not always clear and sometimes there are different theories about the origin of a name. That is also the case for the city of Lima, Peru’s capital founded in 1535.

The theory says that the name Lima comes from the Quechua word Limaq which means “the speaker” or “the one who can speak”. However, Limaq does not refer to the inhabitants of the city, but to the Rímac river that is also called “the speaking river”. This, because it creates a sound similar to a babble when stones in the riverbed are swept away.

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