NY Times article Highlights Lake Titicaca´s Natural Beauty

NY Times article Highlights Lake Titicaca´s Natural Beauty
Friday July 10, 2015
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In her article about Lake Titicaca Karla Zabludovsky of the New York Times talks about her experience at the lake, located in the Province of Puno, in Souther Peru. She comments on how she felt about the touristy islands and how the influx of tourists and foreign species – such as the eucalyptus – are a huge challenge to the environment.

“At first glance, Lake Titicaca’s vastness and beauty eclipse the filth that has accumulated on its bank. Aboard the ferry from Puno, the largest city on Titicaca’s shore, we marveled at the blue beak ducks bidding us farewell from the pier.”

The natural beauty of the Lake Titicaca is undeniable but it is also a well-known fact that huge amounts of garbage and pollution are brought from the 12 rivers that flow into the lake, not to mention the tourism industry in the area. Although highlighting her concerns, Karla describes her experience at Martha Giraldo’s sustainable solar-powered hotel which is on Suasi Island. The hotel runs off solar power, they use reusable glass shampoo holders and only buy local products that use minimal packaging. They have also replanted the whole island with native species and make regular efforts to clean the beach of incoming garbage. The owner of the hotel commented:

“The region deserves a country house in the middle of a magical lake,” said Ms. Giraldo, 64, a sociologist who has worked on environmental conservation projects in Peru for decades. “My proposal is a break with the touristic commercialization scheme in Titicaca.”

The full article can be seen here

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