Novel Vargas Llosa listed on New York Times 100 Notable Books 2018

Novel Vargas Llosa listed on New York Times 100 Notable Books 2018
Wednesday December 05, 2018
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Novel Vargas Llosa listed on New York Times 100 Notable Books 2018

The novel “Cinco Esquinas” (or The Neighborhood in English) by Peru’s most famous author Mario Vargas Llosa is listed in the New York Times’ ranking of the 100 Most Notable Books of 2018.

This annual list notes the best fiction, poetry and science books released in the past year. The list is composed of the reviewers from prominent newspapers in the United States.

Llosa’s novel is a political detective filled with hedonism, violence, and corruption. Even though this novel takes place right before the collapse of the regime of Alberto Fujimori, the book is still relevant for other countries around the world – and Peru too. “Cinco Esquinas” shows how everyone will suffer when a civilization loses its sense of humanity. It does not matter if you are rich or poor, upper-class or working class.

What is Cinco Esquinas about?

Right before the turning of the millennium, when Alberto Fujimori was still president, two rich couples from Lima’s elite got involved in a politically driven game filled with blackmail, adventure, and mystery.

When the important businessman Enrique receives the visit of the editor of an infamous magazine that is focused on exposing spicy details of his affairs, his life changes, to wit, the editor, Rolando Garro, has secret photos from an old malicious business trip from Enrique. If the businessman does not invest in his magazine, Garro will release the pictures.

Enrique refused to pay, and the next day the secret photos were released on the cover of the magazine. To claim money for violation of privacy, the businessman hires his best friend as a lawyer, not knowing that his wife secretly has an affair with him. The lawsuit goes well until Garro is found murdered in his apartment….

Do you want to see the complete list? Then take a look here!

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