Northern Peru is Trending: Third Best Tourism Destination Worldwide!

Northern Peru is Trending: Third Best Tourism Destination Worldwide!
Wednesday October 31, 2018
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Northern Peru is Trending: Third Best Tourism Destination Worldwide!

The prominent travel guide Lonely Planet has recently announced their list of Best Travel Destination of 2019. This ranking lists non-touristic regions all around the world in order to promote those and give special attention to those off-the-beaten-treck destinations. The region of northern Peru has been included in the list of 2019, ranking third.

Lonely Planet states that the North of Peru used to be home to some of the oldest civilizations worldwide and that it offers stunning and wide views to travelers. The guide summarizes this region as ‘a collection of superlatives.’ All by all, the region is the perfect example of why traveling in South America is so unforgettable.

There were only two regions ranked higher on the list of Lonely Planet. The winner of this year is the Italian region Piedmont and the silver medal goes to Catskills in the United States.

A shortlist for this ranking is made by both the redaction of the Lonely Plater guide, as by its users and the general traveling community. Then a special committee of traveling experts sets up the ranking and the winners in all categories.

Other recognitions

It isn’t the first time that the Northern regions of Peru got into the spotlights of international travel. The digital United States-based magazine Condé Nast Traveler has also praised the region. The International digital magazine admires the region for the Moon- and Sun Pyramids and the millennia-old complex of Chan Chan.

Another place that gets noticed by travelers more and more is the Kuelap Fortress, now accessible through a cable-car system. This ‘Machu Picchu‘ of the North is included in travel highlights lists of both The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

Peru keeps engaging travelers and is a trending tourism destination.

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