NGO Expands Recreational Opportunities and Parks in Lima

NGO Expands Recreational Opportunities and Parks in Lima
Tuesday March 21, 2017
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A local NGO is working to expand recreational opportunities and green space in different neighborhoods throughout Lima. The NGO, named ¨Ocupa tu Calle¨, wants to encourage people to get out and enjoy public areas, like parks, to better protect them and build community.

In regards to their mission, coordinator Lucía Nogales has stated, ¨People in Peru are not used to occupying public spaces. And they are not used to taking care of them. This is what we are trying to change.¨

¨Ocupa tu Calle¨ works within certain neighborhoods in Lima to find previously abandoned or degraded areas that they can repurpose as a park. The goal is to be more environmentally friendly, as well as encourage community development by providing these neighborhoods with a common place for recreation and fun.

¨Ocupa tu Calle¨ has been involved in such projects as the transformation of a parking lot into a playground.

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