New type of orchid found in Peruvian jungle

New type of orchid found in Peruvian jungle
Wednesday August 22, 2018
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New type of orchid found in Peruvian jungle

Sernanp, the National Service of Natural Protected Areas of Peru has announced the discovery of a new type of orchid in a national park of the country located in the central jungle.

This new orchid has been named Andina tingomariana by the Department of Biological and Ecological of Colorado, United States. This name was chosen in honour of the the place it was first found, the Tingo Maria National Park.

This institute also mentioned that Peru is very privileged because it has a large diversity this is only a small proof of it.

This discovery was part of a research called “Study of the diversity of the family orchiadaceae in the Tingo Maria National Park”, that started in 2017. Volunteer Alex Gustavo Diaz, Enrique Yupanqui, and Antonio Ocupa were in charge of this project with the help of the park ranger Emiliano Carrillo.

Other types of orchids were also found, such as the Epiderum nanum and the Acianthera rubroviridis that were previously reported in Huanuco.

Sernanp said that this important finding add value to the natural heritage of the country and demonstrates the good state of conservation of the Tingo María National Park.

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