New Tour in the Colca Valley

New Tour in the Colca Valley
Monday August 08, 2016
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Arequipa´s Colca Valley is well-known for its amazing beauty and tourist opportunities. There are many attractions in the Colca Valley that are in the process of being promoted and improved for increased tourist activity.

One of these attractions are the Pinchollo geyers, which the State-run Colca Valley Autonomous Authority is working on developing.

These geyers emit a large amount of water vapor, which come from the jets of water that shoot up simultaneously with the Sabancaya Volcano eruptions.

These vapors indicate the volcano´s activity and the presence of geothermal heating of underground water.
The area is currently not a popular destination for tourists, but it has great potential. It has a view of the magnificent Hualca Hualca Peak and the surrounding nature.

Particularly during national holidays, officials are looking to promote the Pinchollo geyers and put it on the map as an ideal tourist destination.

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