New Show Highlights Peru´s Culinary Process

New Show Highlights Peru´s Culinary Prowess
Tuesday September 12, 2017
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A recently released episode of the new series from Viceland´s “Huang´s World” traveled to Lima to explore the city´s rich eclectic cuisine and to understand its rise to the top of the Latin American culinary world.

Eddie Huang, a chef and restaurateur from New York City, travels the world in the new show where he learns about the country´s identity and history through its gastronomy. The show is very lighthearted but still delves into serious issues as Huang is a former stand-up comic as well as attorney. It also features some of the best chefs in each country where they explain how they became fascinated by food and how they developed their unique style.

Travelling from Lima to Iquitos to Cusco and to towns in between, Eddie learned about the distinct cuisine that exists in Peru and how it was influenced by its three main regions: the coast, the jungle and the mountains. He also spoke with some very knowledgeable local people in the Peruvian culinary scene about fair trade and how Peru has been affected by the export of its culture as well as the influx of tourism.

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