New Route to Machu Picchu

New alternate route to Machu Picchu
Monday January 04, 2016
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From January 1st 2016 on, a new route to Machu Pichu will be implemented, accoring to the SERNANP, the Peruvian National Service of Natural Protected Areas.

According to a Master Plan for the preservation of the Sanctuary, Machu Picchu needs to diversify its tourist supply to decentralize critical pressure points of the Inca Trail Network.

The aim of this new Route 5 (Chachabamba – Winaywayna – MachuPicchu.route five is), therefore, to promote access to Inca Trail through less demanded and congested areas, as in the case of Route 5, which does not require support staff like carriers and cooks, nor camping equipments.

This, according to a resolution published in El Peruano by Sernanp’s head Pedro Gamboa Moquillaza.

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