New President of Peru has high approval rating

New President of Peru has high approval rating
Tuesday August 09, 2016
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Pedro Pablo Kuczynski was sworn in as Peru´s new president at the end of July. In his first few weeks as the President of Peru, he has received a 70.4% approval rating, according to the last CPI survey.

According to the poll, Peruvians believe PPK to have many strengths. Some of these include his experience, his ability to act as a leader, his knowledge in economics, his hardworking personality, his entrepreneurial background, his charisma, and his relationship with the Peruvian people.

With these strengths, PPK has won over the hearts of many Peruvians. Just a minority of Peruvians (18.6%) are not quite as satisfied with PPK´s performance.

The Ministerial Cabinet has also received a positive approval rating of 52.6% with its future plans and proposals.

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