New Nazca Lines discovered in Peruvian Desert

New Nazca Lines discovered in Peruvian Desert
Friday April 13, 2018
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New Nazca Lines discovered in Peruvian Desert

Archaeologists have found new Nazca lines and geoglyphs in the Palpa province in Peru. These new monuments of the Nazca culture must date back to the area from 200 to 700 A.D. The other geoglyphs might originate from the Paracas and Topará cultures that lived between 500 B.C. and 200 A.D.

As they lay down on hillsides, lower located villages were able to see the geoglyphs from the Paracas culture. These glyphs rather picture humans than polygons, especially warriors of the culture.

The new findings show that the creation of these geoglyphs was a tradition of different cultures from different centuries. They also provide important data on the Paracas and Topará cultures. According to Johny Isla, Nazca lines’ chief restorer and protector, the new findings leave now space for new hypotheses about the function and meaning of the glyphs.

The geoglyphs were spotted by drones that took photos of the sites. Being invisible to the human eye, the fine lines were discovered thanks to the 3-D scans of the terrain provided by drones at altitudes of 200 feet or less.

Belonging to the UNESCO World Heritage Site that includes the Nazca and Palpa lines, the findings will be protected. First, the lines have to be registered with the Peruvian Ministry of Culture. At the moment, drawings and maps are being prepared.

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