New Museum opens in mystic Pachacamac

New Museum opens in mystic Pachacamac
Tuesday December 15, 2015
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Just 40 km southeast of Peru’s capital Lima, this archaeological site is a mystical experience.

For over 1500 years in pre-Hispanic times, Pachacamac was the most important sanctuary in the Peruvian coast, and when visiting you will feel its mystic and ancient energy as a place with sophisticated urbanism – reminiscent of Rome.

The Pilgrim Route is one of the great attractions for visitors to the Sanctuary of Pachacamac, which must be done on foot. Here you can see the high walls of adobe, extensive channels, areas to make offerings, stone portals and ceremonial lounges. Follow the footsteps of the ancient pilgrims who came to worship and make offerings to the god Pachacamac.

From the Temple of the Sun, you will have a panoramic view of the Sanctuary of Pachacamac and the three walls that protected it. Built on a high natural hill, it was once decorated with red paint although today this can hardly be observed. Close to the Temple of the Sun is the Painted Temple, a rectangular building built with adobe and decorated with human figures such as fish, birds and plants. Red and yellow paints were used, along with black to give an outline.

We can also find buildings from the Inca, including the Mamacona/Acllawasi iconic temple intended for women. Dedicated to the cult and the production of goods of the sanctuary, there are also ponds for ceremonial functions inside the building.

The inauguration the new site museum in Peru will soon take place. With extensive and multiple installations to house pieces of historical and cultural value and guided tours, the museum will promote education and community development activities in the district. Don’t miss an incredible visit Pachacamac!

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