New Lookouts to be Built in Colca Canyon

New Lookouts to be Built in Colca Canyon
Tuesday February 21, 2017
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New lookouts are planned to be built in Colca Canyon, nearby Arequipa in the South of Peru. The idea of these new lookouts is to give tourists a better view of the frequent eruptions of the Sabancaya Volcano.

The Sabancaya Volcano is considered very active, currently erupting 60 to 70 times a day.

Futhermore, the OVI, a group focused on the study of volcanos, believes that these lookouts could be a good way to educate tour guides on the risks of operating near volcanos by providing secure perimeters for safe viewing of the volcano.

One location that is being considered for a viewpoint is in the Patapampa zone. Tourists already stop here to enjoy the view of the Coropuna range, which includes the Sabancaya Volcano.

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