New Guinness Record Peruvian Pisco

New Guinness Record Peruvian Pisco
Monday May 20, 2019
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Pisco, the national drink of Peru, took part in the Guinness Book of Records on Sunday 28 of April for the largest pisco tasting in the world. 899 participants tasted three types of the famous pisco in one single sip: Quebrante, Torontel and Italia.

Pisco is a brand, made by distilling fermented grape juice into a high-proof spirit. The event was named “Biggest pisco tasting in the world” and was held in the San Luis Gonzaga educational institution, in the small town of Ica, located on the Peruvian coast, south of Lima. There were pisco and wine experts, sanitary inspectors and a World Guinness Records Certifier. This certifier was Carlos Rapia, a Mexican who checked the development of the event and counted the number of 899 tasters, all collected at one place.

This is a great joy for Peruvians and a new achievement of Peruvian Pisco. Edgar Vásquez, Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism said that Pisco is a synonym of Peru and that Peruvians have to be proud. According to Vásquez the country will joining 42 international events to promote the Peruvian Pisco.

Vásquez also explained that pisco is a part of the history of Peruvian people and Peru. Furthermore, it’s one of the most challenging records achieved in Peru. Peruvian products like pisco make a difference in the world, thanks to the institution and the support, the Peruvian flag is raised.

It’s not the first time Peru is in the Guinness World Records; this is already the seventh time but it’s definitely the most challenging one.

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