New exit route out of Machu Picchu

New exit route out of Machu Picchu
Tuesday September 06, 2016
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Peru´s World Heritage site Machu Picchu receives a new exit. The newly established path leading tourists out of the archaeological zone allows better access as well as safer conditions for visitors, says the Department of Culture in Cusco.

The old entry road was not stable enough, comments Fernando Astete Victoria, head of the Archaeological Park Machu Picchu, and caused crowding of tourists at the main entrance.

The new road has been built above the retaining wall on the hill, in order to avoid landslides, that often occur in the rainy region where Machu Picchu is located. With the help of the additional road out of Machu Picchu, the numerous visitors of the famous landmark will be able to move more fluently and safer entering and exiting the park area.

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