New coral discovered in Peruvian National Reserve

Thursday February 06, 2014
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At the coast of the Paracas National Reserve, a reserve that borders the Pacific Ocean in Peru, a new coral named “Psammogorgia hookeri”- after the Peruvian scientist Yuri Hooker – was recently discovered.

This bright red coral with the size of a human hand was found by a team of researchers from the reserve and from the University of Costa Rica and it is endemic: it has not been found nowhere else in the entire world.

According to different investigators, we still have a little knowledge about soft corals and we can expect more discoveries if we continue exploring but sadly there is always the problem of funding.

Hooker reports that “with support from the SERNAP (Peruvian National Protected Areas Service, we’re now beginning to discover the incredible biodiversity of corals and marine invertebrates in the Peruvian Pacific. “

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