New Coin Highlighting Endangered Wildlife Peru

New Coin Highlighting Endangered Wildlife Peru
Thursday November 09, 2017
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New Coin Highlighting Endangered Wildlife Peru

The Central Reserve Bank of Peru put into circulation from last week the second coin of the coin-collecting series “Endangered Wild Fauna of Peru”. This second coin will feature the crocodile of Tumbes after the first installment which depicted the Andean bear.

The protagonist of this new one sol coin is the Tumbes crocodile, the only animal of this type that lives in Peru and that is in a vulnerable state with a high probability of entering in danger of extinction. The BCR issued 10 million units of the new currency.

The Tumbes crocodile inhabits the shores of the Pacific Ocean from Mexico to Tumbes in northeast Peru. The crocodile also lives along the coasts of Venezuela, the islands of the Caribbean and the south of Florida in the United States. With a triangular, narrow and long head, adults can measure up to 6 meters and weigh 500 kilos.

One of the main threats that the crocodiles face is hunting, as it is high south after by traders. The depredation of their habitat due to human activity has also put them in a vulnerable situation.

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