New archaeological sites found in Arequipa

New archaeological sites found in Arequipa
Thursday February 04, 2016
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You might think that all existing ruins and old remains are already discovered. However, this is not the case even now new archaeological sites are being found. During the lasts months of 2015 a field inspection was conducted in Arequipa’s district of Ayo to identity the cultural potential and the tourism possibilities of this location. During this inspection led by archaeologist Apu Mendoza a total of 90 archaeological sites have been found.

A terrace area has been identified which accounted for more than half of the total area. Also housing areas and several funerary areas have been found which occupy the rest of the area.

This field inspection proved Ayo’s cultural wealth. Ayo’s diversity is also shown in its beautiful landscapes like the Mamacocha Lake and the Valley of the Volcanoes.

Laguna Azul, the organization which is promoting the development of renewable energy in Ayo, considers the identification of existing archaeological sites to be essential. The organization is committed to increase the value of the Peruvian cultural heritage.

Further research will be required in order to collect the missing information and to determine from which period of time the sites date back to.

Available data provides possible links dating back to the Middle Horizon period and possibly to the Late Intermediate and Late Horizon periods.

Pieces of household pottery were the main discovery at the sites. But also some pottery fragments used for ceremonial purposes were discovered. This ceremonial pottery was found to be decorated with features in red, white, and green.

Apart from this, rooms, courtyards and circular architectural structures were found at the sites along several areas.

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