New access routes to Peru’s Machu Picchu in 2020

New access routes to Peru's Machu Picchu in 2020
Wednesday January 29, 2020
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New access routes to Machu Picchu available from 2020

In 2020, the work to make Peru’s most renowned destination, Machu Picchu more reachable will begin by constructing new routes. Peru hopes that it will support the development of new tourist attractions as well.

The main path will cross the Amazon passing over the Intihuatana community in San Miguel, Inkarakay, Mandor and Puente Ruinas leading up to the Machu Picchu Town or Aguas Calientes.

The second passage will create access among Choquellusca, Piscacucho and San Antonio de Torontoy on the way to Machu Picchu.

The purpose of the project is not only to improve access to Machu Picchu but to focus on culture, nature, social heritage and diversifying tourist attractions. This project has been passed at the previous Machu Picchu council meeting.

A vast amount of tourists who had to wait to access at the archaeological park will be able to take more benefits from their stay.

The Machu Picchu District Municipality has already an idea about how to make the paths better for pedestrians. They would like to expand, make it cleaner and to construct new rest stops and viewpoints.

Other projects will include building new information centers, restrooms, and eco-friendlier garbage cans.

Furthermore, native plants will be planted along the way in addition to the necessary reforestation.

Besides that, community members will take part in training sessions concerning the environment.

Last but not least, biodiversity will be evaluated according to climate change, among other things.

The total of the budget for these projects will exceed 4 million soles.

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