The Peruvian neighborhood of Barranco in Lima was choosen one of the 25 most hipster places around the world.

The neighborhood of Barranco one of the 25 most hipster places.
Wednesday January 07, 2015
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A List was published by the Uk Business insider, with the most important cities in the world where the residents are considered to be “hipsters”.

The word “hipster’ was used for the first time back in the fourties when it referred to modern jazz lovers. Nowadays, “hipsters” are people that love ‘vintages’, many of them wearing skinny jeans and (long) beards.

Barranco has always been the bohemian capital of Lima, famous for, among others, the Parque Baja de Banos. Especially young people love to go the land mark bridge, el Puente de los Suspiros. From the bridge, you can visit some really nice bars and clubs such as Santos and Expeso Virgen de Guadelupe.

Café Cultural, a piano bar in and old train.

Other neighborhoods on the list “25 places most hipster”, are Kreuzberg, in Berlin; Malasana, en Madrid, y Villa Bagdalena, in Sao Paulo. Shimokitaza of Tokyo and District VI in Budapest.

Barranco is number 21 of the list.

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