Nazca lines continue to reveal secrets lost to the passing of time

Nazca lines continue to reveal secrets lost to the passing of time
Tuesday May 12, 2015
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The Nazca lines in Peru have managed to survive many years and continue to endure recent threat from rally cars, settlements and mining. Yet they still have secrets to reveal. Evidence has come to light that suggests that two different sets of people who lived in the area at different times were responsible for making the lines and also that they created them for different reasons.

The team involved in the discovery have analyzed the lines including their location, style and their method of construction. They believe that some of the lines were made for different reasons. Some were intended to be seen from areas important for performing rituals, from higher parts of the landscape.

The designs which have been dated between 400 and 650AD are believed to be linked to the ancient knowledge of astronomy and beliefs of the creators of the lines about the cosmos and their way of relating to it. The designs include symbols of animals such as birds, spiders, monkeys, fish as well as supernatural beings.

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