Minimum Wage in Peru Increases

Minimum Wage in Peru Increases
Tuesday May 03, 2016
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As millions of Peruvians celebrated Labor Day on Sunday, May 1st, they also had something else to celebrate: an increase in the minimum wage!

Starting on May 1st, President Ollanta Humala declared a new minimum monthly wage of S/. 850. The minimum wage used to be S/. 750, so it saw an increase of S/. 100.

Humala announced this good news while attending a meeting of Trabaja Peru. The meeting took place in Puno on March 30th.

Previously, the minimum wage in Peru was S/. 675, but was raised in 2012 by S/. 750. Starting on Sunday, May 1st, the new minimum wage will be effective. As Labor Day came and went, Peruvians will continue to celebrate this victory of an increase in wages.

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