Machu Picchu wins the 6th spot as a spiritual tourist destination

Machu Picchu wins the 6th spot as a spiritual tourist destination
Tuesday March 08, 2016
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Machu Picchu is ranked #6 on the list of the world´s most popular spiritual tourism destinations. Administered by Skyroad magazine, this study appeared in Turkey´s Yeni Safak newspaper.

Because more than 300 million take strips to spiritual sites each year, Skyroad magazine decided to research the most popular destinations. Machu Picchu, the ´´fantastic city over the clouds,´´ was ranked 6th in the study.

Machu Picchu was also deemed one of the 7 Wonders of the World, as it boasts such rich history and is situated so high in the beautiful Andes mountains. Constructed in the 14th century during the Incan empire, the Spaniards never discovered the site. Although they thoroughly searched for the city, it is incredible that Machu Picchu remained untouched for so many years.

Other destinations on the list were Saudia Arabia´s Mecca and Medina, the Vatican City, India´s Ganges River, Jerusalem/Bethlehem, Bodh Gaya, and other spiritual places.

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