Machu Picchu: most photographed spot in South America

Machu Picchu: most photographed spot in South America
Friday June 16, 2017
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According to recent data collected from the social media platform, Instagram suggests that Machu Picchu is not only Peru´s top destination for tourists – it is also the top-runner for taking pictures in all South America!

In the report by Sony Mobile, the researchers further tell that “85% of photos taken of Machu Picchu are from the same spots, creating nearly half a million identical images on Instagram”.

Machu Picchu, the ancient Inca citadel in Peru had been deserted before the construction was terminated and had thus remained undiscovered by the Spanish Conquistadores. Only in the year of 1911, the North American explorer Hiram Bingham re-discovered Machu Picchu on his quest for the golden city of Vilcabamba.
Today, Machu Picchu´s ruins and the impressive overshadowing mountain called Huayna Picchu make up the model for countless photographs posted online.

With 745,815 images posted on Instagram, Machu Picchu is the spot with the most pictures taken in all South America and it takes rank 12 world-wide after the Eiffel Tower (France), Big Ben (UK), the Louvre (France) and the Empire State Building (USA) among others.

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