Machu Picchu Bridge is completed

Machu Picchu Bridge is completed
Tuesday January 03, 2017
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The Machu Picchu Bridge has been completed since December 30th 2016. Before that, tourists and locals had to take the pedestrian bridge parallel to the construction in order to change busses to Machu Picchu or hike up to the site. The bridge is located between the archaeological Park of Machu Picchu and Machu Picchu Town (Aguas Calientes).

Also, the reason of reconstructing the bridge was the risk of collapse of the 51-meter long bridge that can hold up to 42.75 tons of weight.

Thankfully, the reconstruction of this bridge enables the busses of Consettur to cross the river without any interruption and directly drive up to the World Wonder, making it easier for the operators, tourists and locals.

The official opening will be in mid-January, according to Machu Picchu Mayor David Gayoso Garcia.


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