The Machu Picchu Base in the Antarctica

The Machu Picchu Base in the Antarctica
Wednesday January 11, 2017
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The Machu Picchu Base in Antarctica was founded in 1982. It aims to do research and conduct a scientific expedition on King George Island in Admiralty Bay, Antarctica.

This icy land in the North of our planet will have a visit from scientists on Monday the 9th of January, in an expedition called Antar XXIV. The reason for their visit is to improve international relations, maintaining and reinforcing affinity with other nations who are among this Antarctic treaty, a 53-party system.

In addition, experts say that these expeditions are a major factor for Peru in order to keep the logistic and scientific opportunities of these expeditions alive.

Moreover, the country Peru is preserving the natural environment of Antarctica as they are investigating the origin of the Humboldt current, which is an ocean current essential to the Andes proper marine ecosystem.

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