Lions Rescued in Peru from Terrible Conditions in Circus

Lions Rescued in Peru from Terrible Conditions in Circus
Wednesday March 25, 2015
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Peru is not well known for its kind treatment of animals, and another rescue of circus animals in the news this past Thursday proves the point. Three lions were rescued from an informal circus in Piura to the north of Peru after complaints to officials about their health and safety.

Animal Defenders International (ADI), the National Forest and Wildlife Services (Serfor) and local police worked together to perform the rescue mission that successfully removed the three lions to Lima where they are being held by ADI.

In the five years since ADI began its work in Peru, the organization has rescued 34 lions who are currently being held in a Temporary Rescue Center in Lima. With the help of various funding campaigns, ADI secured the construction of a Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado, USA where the 34 lions will be transferred to in a few weeks. The 34 rescued lions are healthy, in stable condition, and will undoubtedly benefit from the new location being finished for them that is adequately equipped to care for such a large number of wild animals. When the lions are transferred to their new home, NBC reports that this may possibly be the largest airlift of African lions in history.

ADI works in over 30 countries around the globe to protect circus animals. The president of Animal Defenders International, Jan Creamer, made a scathing comment about what this most recent case in Peru says: “This solidifies the decision that spectacles with animals should not have a place in Peru.” Until Peru can guarantee the health and safety of the wild animals used in circus acts, perhaps it would be better to forbid it altogether.

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