Lima Wins Most Expensive Property Title on New Monopoly Board!

Lima Wins Most Expensive Property Title on New Monopoly Board!
Wednesday March 25, 2015
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Good news for Peru! Lima won a spot in the new edition of Monopoly where voters from around the world determined which international cities would appear on the game board in place of the traditional housing neighborhoods. Lima didn’t just win any old spot, however. The capital of Peru won first place and will be featured as the most expensive property on the new edition board that comes out in honor of Monopoly’s 80th anniversary.

The competition, Monopoly Here & Now, was a month long voting process and a collaboration between the board game and BuzzFeed. Over 3.7 million people participated from 182 countries. The voting closed on March 19th, the anniversary of Monopoly. It began on February 13th. The Hasbro Brand Manager Peru, Patricia Ibañez, stated that these impressive results: “…speaks to how popular the Monopoly brand is, even after 80 years.”

Lima was listed along with 80 other countries in the voting polls, of which 21 others were selected to appear on the game board. On February 17th Mr Monopoly visited Peru to promote the vote amongst local citizenry. It certainly worked because Lima won top honors and will be the most expensive property on the new board which comes out later this year.

Unlike previous Monopoly games, the 80th anniversary board will work quite differently. To win, players visit as many places as they can and collect stamps in their passports. The first to fill up their booklet before bankruptcy wins.

So what other cities will be featured on the board along with Lima? Take a look at the results for yourself:

  • Dark blue: Lima, Peru; Hong Kong, China
  • Green: Riga, Latvia; Lisbon, Portugal; Istanbul, Turkey
  • Yellow: Warsaw, Poland; Mexico City, Mexico; Santiago, Chile
  • Red: Belfast, Ireland; Athens, Greece; Belgrade, Serbia
  • Orange: London, England; Moscow, Russia; Tokyo, Japan
  • Magenta: New York, NY, U.S.A.; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Sydney, Australia
  • Celeste: Queenstown, New Zealand; Cape Town, South Africa; Taipei, Taiwan
  • Brown Giethoorn, Netherlands; Madrid, Spain

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