Lima shines on Valentine´s Day

Lima shines on Valentine´s Day
Tuesday February 16, 2016
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Last Sunday, Valentine´s Day, or Love and Friendship Day was celebrated in many parks around Lima.

Starting early in the morning, 50 couples were entered ´´Parque de las Leyendas´´ Zoo for free. The only payment they were required to give was the confirmation of their love with a kiss. The afternoon involved a photo booth, a puppet show in the auditorium, and Cumbia serenades by Lucia de la Cruz.

Later in the afternoon, couples had the opportunity to go out on the lake for a lovely boat ride.

Another park that offered Valentine´s Day opportunities was Minizoo. It opened in the afternoon for the entire public to view its variety of animals.

Activities and shows occurred all over Lima on this Valentine´s Day celebration. The joyful ambiance in Peru´s capital city allowed countless couples and families to enjoy this special day.

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