Lima Seeks to Protect Older Structures in Case of an Earthquake

Lima Seeks to Protect Older Structures in Case of an Earthquake
Tuesday April 08, 2014
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Lima, the capital of Peru, attracts travelers from all over the world as it is the largest and most modern city in the country. Nevertheless, it still maintains many of its historical buildings and archaeological sites. After last week´s frightening earthquake in Chile, Lima is now checking the stability of its older structures in downtown Lima. Lima is a city on the coast and is very prone to earthquakes. In 2007 an 8.0 magnitude quake hit the region of Ica, just 300 kilometers below Lima and it killed about 200 people. The city in order to protect its people and structures are taking measures to prepare for an earthquake.

According to, Alberto Marticorena, the deputy manager or Civil defense for the municipality, there are over 1,000 houses in the center of Lima that run the risk of collapsing during an earthquake. Sadly, Marticorena says the municipality does not have the right to intervene, as most of these houses in Barrios Altos neighborhood are privately owned. Even in the public properties they are unable to make structural adjustments because they have been declared as cultural heritage and bureaucratic permits are necessary to make changes. Authorities, however, have given technical recommendations and general suggestions to the residents in the case of damage or injury after an earthquake. They are hoping that these small efforts will make a difference in the event of a natural disaster. The municipality seeks to protect the history, beauty, and people of the colonial Lima center.

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