Lima is Ranked Number One for Business in Latin America

Thursday May 15, 2014
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According to an annual list made by the Bogotá Rosario University, Lima, is the best place in Latin American to do business. Out of 51 cities, Peru´s capital was ranked number one based upon: purchasing power, financial potential, friendliness reputation, economic dynamism, urban comfort, and manpower.

Improvements in Peru´s economy can be seen clearly through its rising rankings. In 2010 it was ranked ninth; in 2011, seventh; in 2012 and 2013, fourth.These results are also based upon other surveys, such as: Google Business, Alexa portal, and important business people from the area´s calendar of business events and international fairs. Nevertheless, Lima does have problems as it currently does not have any of its own offices to attract investments, besides Pro Inversion for the entire country.

The success to its expansion can be attributed to the addition of a second metro line, the growing number of multi-Latin corporations that have moved to Lima, and the ongoing implementation of massive infrastructure projects. Alfonso García Miró is head of the Peruvian Confederation of Private Enterprises and he says, “There has been a state policy from the last five administrations regarding commitment to a transparent economy, fiscal prudence, and freedom to make business; we´re a reliable, long-term country”. García and the rest of Peru look forward to the country´s economic future and hope that it continues to grow each year.

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