Lima ranked 17th out of 25 in Youth Affordability Index.

Lima ranked 17th out of 25 in Youth Affordability Index.
Friday October 31, 2014
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25 of the World’s biggest cities have been ranked by Decode to see how affordable they are for young people between the age of 15 to 29.

The Affordability Index looked at 25 cities around the world and ranked Lima the 17th place.

Out of the Latin American countries, Lima was ranked third for most affordable city for young people. Lima was beaten by Buenos Aires (number 12) and Colombia (number 16).

Top spot in the ranking is for Paris, followed by Toronto and Los Angeles. With the highest minimum wage ($12.84), Paris scored well in most of the categories. The 9 categories of judging were: minimum wage, cost of movie tickets, price of eggs, rent of rooms, cost of a burger, taxes, cost of flights and cost of concert tickets.

Since July 1 2012 Paris raised its minimum wage. The minimum wage of Lima is less impressive $1.48.

1. Paris, France
2. Toronto, Canada
3. Los Angeles, USA
4. Chicago, USA
5. Berlin, Germany
6. Dallas, USA
7. Rome, Italy
8. New York, USA
9. Tokyo, Japan
10. London, UK
11. Seoul, South Korea
12. Buenos Aires, Argentina
13. Istanbul, Turkey
14. Cairo, Egypt
15. Johannesburg, South Africa
16. Bogota, Colombia
17. Lima, Peru
18. Mumbai, India
19. Lagos, Nigeria
20. Sao Paulo, Brazil
21. Manila, Philippines
22. Shanghai, China
23. Mexico City, Mexico
24. Nairobi, Kenya
25. Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
For the full ranking: klick here →!affordability-index/c1y19

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