Lima hosts an exhibition showing crafts from all over Peru

Lima hosts an exhibition showing crafts from all over Peru
Friday May 27, 2016
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The Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministry in Peru is organizing a fair called “From our hands” with the purpose of promoting the handmade works from local artisans and to be able to turn this into a source of income for them.

During this year’s edition 123 artisans coming from Lima, Ayacucho, Cusco, Cajamarca, Piura, Puno, Junin, Arequipa, Huancavelica,Loreto, Amazonas, Apurimac, Callao, La Libertd, Pasco, Lambayeque, San Martin and Ucayali will participate.

Every year the event grows bigger, developing itself as a way for the artisans to connect with the market and as a showroom for Peruvian’s best handicrafts.

Tourist who are eager to learn more about the customs, traditions and cultural influences from all the participating areas visit this event.

The visitors have the opportunity to see and buy jewelry, imagery, textile works, paintings and leather among other handicrafts. All the pieces have been made with a focus on quality and innovation.

The total of the estimated sales are S/900,00 which is about US$269,299. This is an increase of 30% compared to the previous year.

This project supports the efforts to increase the value of the artisanal products through concrete actions aimed at design innovation, training, competitiveness and the access to external and local markets.

There are multiple activities in which the visitors can participate, such as live workshops by the artisans where the participants will learn about the used techniques. There is also free interior decoration advice.

The “From our hands” exhibition takes place in the San Isidro district in the Combate de Abtao Park and lasted until Sunday May 22.

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