Lima-based Maido Best Restaurant Latin America

Lima-based Maido Best Restaurant Latin America
Thursday November 15, 2018
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Lima-based Maido Best Restaurant Latin America

Peru’s famous restaurant Maido is chosen as the best restaurant in Latin America for the second time in a row. This restaurant, located in Lima, combines traditional Peruvian cuisine with Japanese influences. Naturally, this means that Maido is also the best restaurant of the old Inca country.

This has been announced in the Colombian capital Bogota on 6 November. Significant chefs, restaurant owners, food bloggers, journalists and famous sommeliers were among the attendees of the event.

The jury states that Maido offers visitors an unique experience, accompanied with delicious Peruvian-Japanese cuisine. In addition, the head chef of the restaurant, Mitsuhau Tsumara, is praised for his originality and dedication to cooking.

Peru once more proves to be an amazing tourism destination for foodies, as the Lima-based restaurant Central has been chosen as the second best restaurant in South America. This restaurant is admired for using many local products that are not served anywhere else. This gives a unique taste to their dishes.

The last Peruvian prize of the evening was awarded to the female chef Leon. To wit, she was chosen as the best female chef of Latin America.

Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurant List

All these prizes have been handed out by William Reed Business Media. This platform aims to promote restaurants in South American by choosing the best ones. They compose the ultimate guide for foodies interesting in visiting Latin America.

The list is composed by over 250 food experts from all around the world. The jury is responsible for listing the best restaurants of the continent every year and it is often seen as a guideline for the best American cuisine.

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