Lima appears in the top 50 destinations

Lima appears in the top 50 destinations
Friday February 05, 2016
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The Peruvian capital Lima, is now number 45 in the Top “100 City Destination Ranking” according to Euromonitor.

This ranking was released in January 2016. There are just 5 other Latin American cities that appear in the top 100. This ranking proves Lima’s importance: the city is now considered to be region’s second most important city when it comes to hosting international tourists.

Even though Lima had to deal with a decline in visitors of 20% during the lasts years, the Peruvian capital retained its position in the top 100. The city even overtakes other popular destinations in the ranking such as: Buenos Aires (Argentina), Toronto (Canada), Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), Mexico City (Mexico), San Francisco (US), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), and Sydney (Australia).

Hong Kong in China remains number one on the list for already six years in a row. Hong Kong welcomed 27.77 million international visitors, London comes second with 17.38 million visitors, third is Singapore with 17.08 million visitors, followed by Bangkok with 16.24 visitors.

This top destinations list was created from the outcomes of a global travel research programme which was in 57 countries. The results were analysed by in-country specialists according to Euromonitor’s methodology.

For creating data and analysis on numerous products and services all around the world, and for strategic market research, Euromonitor International is the leading provider in this industry.

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