Launching of New Naval Ship to Boost Peru´s Research

Launching of New Naval Ship to Boost Peru´s Research
Tuesday May 10, 2016
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Last weekend, President Humala traveled to Spain to observe the launching of Peru´s naval ship called Carrasco. The ship will give Peru the opportunity to be a leader in oceanographic research.

It is said that Carrasco is equipped with quite modern equipment, making it a uniquely advanced vessel in Latin America. President Humala declares of this achievement: ´´Peru is at the forefront of oceanographic research with this ship.´´

The naval ship will aid in research that will be shared with other countries, as well as examine the state of fishing in Peru, which is aimed to be increasingly developed in the next years.

Peru has a research station in Antarctica that will benefit from the launching of the Carrasco. The naval ship can cut through thick ice and, therefore, can sail through the tough winter months. This will allow the Antarctica station to be able to maintain scientists for a longer period of time.

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