Latin American Company Assists Flood Victims Peru

Latin American Company Assists Flood Victims Peru
Wednesday April 12, 2017
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A Latin American company specializing in food distribution is working to help flood victims in Peru. The company, called One Bananas, provides organic bananas to families all around South America.

Now, they are focusing their efforts on flood relief in northern Peru.

Therefore, One Bananas is sending donations of bananas en masse to refugee centers all around the North of Peru. Thus far, One Bananas has provided food to around 700 families.

One Bananas is doing all of this in spite of the fact that they have suffered their own losses in the face of the floods. In fact, the company is reported to have loss as many as 30% of their crops in northern Peru.

However despite their own company losses, One Bananas has persisted in aiding in the recovery efforts, even participating in building reconstruction.

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