Justin Bieber Donates to Flood Victims in Peru

Justin Bieber Donates to Flood Victims in Peru
Tuesday May 16, 2017
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Justin Bieber donated to flood victims in Peru when he came to Lima to give a concert early last month. The show was a stop on his international Purpose tour and had over 30,000 people in attendence.

Bieber asked concert-goers to bring donations of things like non-perishable food items, bottled water, blankets, etc. to his show on April 5th. These donations were then delivered to victims in the small village of El Tigre near San Vicente de Cañete, a coastal city located 144 km south of Lima, in a region that was deeply affected by the floods.

Additionally, Bieber donated 24,000 US dollars to the organization Red Solidaria de Juguete Pendiente. This money will go towards relief efforts in the northern coastal city of Huarmey, another area that was hit hard by the floods.

The city of Huarmey is also preparing to host a big event called Recreo Fest to help more than 4,000 flood victims. This event will include medical campaigns, job workshops, talks, and artistic activities for those 4,000 flood victims.

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