June: A Month of Cultural Activities in Peru

June: A Month of Cultural Activities in Peru
Wednesday June 08, 2016
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June is the perfect month to travel to Peru because there are a variety of cultural events that serve as essential tourist activities. Starting with Corpus Christi festivities on June 3rd and continuing with other activities throughout June, tourists will certainly not be bored during this exciting month in Peru!

The beginning of June offers processions and dance celebrations with Chachapoyas tourist week from June 3rd to June 10th. Tourists can enjoy the colorful garments, traditional dances, and delicious gastronomy that accompanies these festivities.

On June 19th, Sondor Raymi takes place in Apurimac. Hundreds of actors participate in a ritual on Pacucha Lake. This celebration honors the Chanka civilation, which conquered many neighboring civilizations. The parades, traditional food, processions, and other events of Sondor Raymi will occur throughout June 20th-30th.

Another celebration is called Chaccu Nacional de la Vicuña, which takes place annually. Vicuñas are sheared and then set free, and then a ceremony is performed to honor mother earth. This year will be the 23rd annual Chaccu Nacional de la Vicuña.

One of the most famous festivals in Cusco is Inti Raymi. It is a celebration of the sun and takes place on June 24th. It is an annual event that occurs in Sacsayhuaman and is well-known for its impressive shows and rituals.

Furthermore, there are celebrations at the end of June to honor Saint Peter and Saint Paul. The festivities take place in Moquegua from June 27th-29th. Other cities will also celebrate these saints, some even leading to rivers to symbolize St. Peter as ´´the Fisherman.´´

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