Julio C. Tello Museum Best Cultural Destination In Latin America

Julio C. Tello Museum Best Cultural Destination In Latin America
Thursday October 18, 2018
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Julio C. Tello Museum Best Cultural Destination In Latin America

The Peruvian Julio C. Tello Site Museum, located near Paracas National Reserve, won a prestigious price during the annual Leading Culture Destinations Awards. During this event, held in London, it was announced that the museum won the prize for Latin American New Culture Destination of the Year. In the past it is shown that winning this prize has had positive effects on the amount of visitors.

The Julio C. Tello Site Museum won in the expense of the Museum of Underwater Archeology in Mexico, which was the other nominee. The Mexican museum shows several ceramics, wrecks and artifacts that were found on the bottom of the see. However, it was the Peruvian museum that went home with the prizes.

Additional, according to the Exports and Tourism Promotion Board of Peru (PromPeru), the museum based in Paracas was also nominated for the museum with the best architecture. Unfortunately, this price was not won by the Peruvian museum.

The ultimate goal of the Leading Culture Destination is to connect travelers with intriguing tourism destinations all over the world. In this way, the organization aims to interest the new generation of young travelers, mainly millennials, in the various cultures that the world has to offer.

The LCD Awards Magazine features the cultural sites that won prices and were short-listed. However, it also offers an insight in the cultures of various countries. Finally, the awards are also a stimuli for countries and tourism destination to extend upon their cultural offer and to preserve the flourishing culture they have already.

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