Inti Raymi’s tickets almost sold out

Inti Raymi’s tickets almost sold out
Wednesday June 20, 2018
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Inti Raymi’s tickets almost sold out

Emufec (Municipality Company of Festivities in Cusco), entity responsible for organising festivals in Cusco announced that 75% tickets for the 2018 edition of Inti Raymi have been sold.

Inti Raymi, which means Festival of the Sun in the native Peruvian language, Quechua, is an Inca religious ceremony that takes place every 24 of June at the Sacsayhuaman Archaeological Park.

This is a 10% increase compared to last year’s Inti Raymi, according to Giovani Madrid, vice-president of Emufec. Madrid predicts that 95% of the tickets might be sold before the festivity.

This year there will be 3766 seats available, 3666 will be reserved for domestic and foreign tourists, and the remaining 100 plus 400 more will be available for locals.

This festival has been held since 1944, first to mark Cusco’s ancient origin, and now it is the most important date for “cusqueños”.

The Inti Raymi will take place at three different locations: Qorikancha (9:00 a. m.), Plaza Mayor or Plaza de Armas of Cusco (10:00 a. m.), and the Sacsayhuaman Fortress (1:00 p. m.).

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