International children’s Climate Prize won by Peruvian Child

International children’s Climate Prize won by Peruvian Child
Wednesday November 21, 2018
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International children’s Climate Prize won by Peruvian Child

The Peruvian child Jose Quisocala is the winner of th 2018 Children’s Climate Prize! This prize is handed out annually by the Swedish company Telgre Energi, that focusses mainly on producing renewable energy. 13 year old Jose got his price during a ceremony in Stockholm.

The Peruvian boy Quisocala won the price with is so-called eco-bank: a banking system that stimulates children to recycle more. When children hand in their recycled materials they would get special “eco-credits” which can be used to buy products or can be exchanged for real money.

In addition, children can open their own bank accounts at the eco-bank. This gives them a great sense of responsibility. The “customers” of the bank have the choice to save their earned credits on a bank account or to get the money in cash.

Thus, besides the environmental reasons, the bank also has an economic reason. Currently there are nearly 3000 children and young adults affiliated to the bank. All of them get the opportunity to earn money while contributing to a better future for our planet.

This isn’t the first prize that Jose has won because of his genius idea to start the Eco-bank. To wit, Jose started the bank with his parents when he was just seven years old and he has won several prices ever since.

The jury that handed out the price praised the eco-bank for being a brilliant way to link economy to environmental impact. This project shows that economy and climate can go together. Thanks to this project, recycling is seen as a tangible investment and thus it gives the children the feeling that what they recycle really helps the environment.

The price that Jose Quisocala won was around 5500 US Dollars (or 18.000 Peruvian Soles) and it should be used to upscale his climate project.

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