Increase Tourism in Paracas

increase tourism in paracas
Friday February 22, 2019
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Paracas, the beautiful beach town of Peru, is expected to increase in tourism this year. And with good reason. Paracas hosts over seven stunning beaches, extensive biodiversity, diverse ecological systems, and historical sites.

One of the most popular destinations in Paracas is the Paracas Natural Reserve. This reserves popularity can be attributed to its rich biodiversity.

The reserve is home to approximately 168 species of fish, 216 bird species, 36 species of mammals, ten species of reptile and also invertebrates. Exciting wildlife tourists can expect to see include otters and sea lions. These animals mainly reside in the Ballestas Islands. The Ballestas Islands are a key factor in the rise of tourism in Paracas.

The Ballestas Islands are arguably one of the most desirable sights for those touring Paracas. Besides a wealth of wildlife, the Ballestas Islands also have august beaches. Popular beaches include Playa Mina, Playa Roja, and Mendieta beach. Ballestas Islands also offers luxurious destination dining. Tourists can enjoy a private picnic in the desert, on the beach, or a yacht. Rock formations and history based tours are features of Ballestas islands that no traveller should neglect. The deserts surrounding the reserve, for example, were home to pre-Incas. A museum is also located in the reserve. With their varied activities and beautiful landscape, these islands captivate explorers from all over the world.

It’s no wonder Paracas – located approximately 200 kilometres south from Lima – is estimated to attract over 850,000 tourists in 2019. This number is a 6.5% increase from last year. On New Year’s Eve, Paracas hosted over 60,000 guests. Eduardo Jauregui, chairman of Paracas’ Foreign Trade Chamber, hopes to grow this number even more by 2021. His goal: one million tourists by 2021. “The aim is to receive an increased number of visitors to fuel regional economic growth in a sustained manner. This is because tourism is linked to different productive activities.” With Paracas’s charm, these objectives surely are within reach.

Clearly, Paracas is an excellent choice for those seeking peace or action. With the vast amount of opportunities to relax and learn, Paracas truly accommodates those seeking adventure and those seeking a relaxing vacation. Rock formations, beaches to explore, destination dining, and historical tours make Paracas a truly unique destination. There is something for all types of travellers. Paracas is expected to increase in tourism, so it is advised to plan travel well in advance in order to take advantage of all that Paracas has to offer.


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