Inca walls cleaned in Historical Centre of Cusco

Inca walls cleaned in Historical Centre of Cusco
Wednesday July 11, 2018
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Inca walls cleaned in Historical Centre of Cusco

University students gathered together Bring your Heritage to Life, a campaign to restore Inca walls near the main square of Cusco. The State-run Decentralised Culture Directorate of Cusco (DDCC) was in charge of this conservation campaign.

The first day involved students from different universities, such us San Antonio Abad University, who were very engaged in the cleaning of the Inca walls.

The works started on July 3th and finished on the 6th, with students working four hours per day.

Materials and technical assistance for proper handling of the lithic pieces were provided by the Culture portfolio to prevent any deterioration or damage.

There was also a brief ceremony to welcome these hardworking students for making time to help their community. It was held by Luis Nieto, head of the DDCC. He said “It’s really satisfying to see future professionals cleaning and protecting our ancestors’ valuable heritage. This shows their deep affinity and respect for Inca culture vestiges, which comprise a source of pride for all of us, Cusco inhabitants,”

According to the DDCC head, there will be more clean-up drives with the participation of local people. This year’s drive gathered 300 volunteers.

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