An Inca Mummy has been found in Southern Peru

inca mummy tacna
Wednesday October 23, 2013
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In Southern Peru, a recent archeological dig, co-sponsored by the US Institute for Field Research and the Universidad Privada de Tacna, has yielded interesting findings for those working the site! It is reported that about 20 bodies have been uncovered at the site, in addition to well-preserved earthenware vessels.

One of the bodies discovered is a man who researchers believe is Incan. Other bodies found belong to non-Incan groups, but the presence of Incan pottery and other artifacts, have led archeologists to believe that the inhabitants of this areas certainly had interactions and trade relations with the Incans.

The middle aged man was identified as Incan due to the distinctive extra bone he had in his skull, which was unique to the Incans and aptly named the ¨Inca Bone.” This type of bone protrusion was unique to the Incans, indicating that this man would potentially have been a representative of the Incans living in that area.

Researchers involved in the dig are hoping to be allowed to transport samples to the United States for more in-depth testing.

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